August 23, 2017

SENT by Victor Levin

Sent is a novel written in emails (the world’s first apparently).

When it launched you could sign up to receive the emails as they happened. The project ran from 27/02/2010 to 12/05/2011. Now you can read the whole thing on the website.

BUT – be careful.

Once you start, it’s very difficult to stop reading. The story is about love, relationships, people screwing up, money and more. And because it’s in email form it’s VERY fast paced – so you get drawn in quite quickly.

I found I kept forgetting to check the email addresses and the subject lines (these are frequently either funny, or relevant to the story).

And be aware that it gets a bit mental towards the end!

The way it drags in real time events is pretty cool. But overall I’d say it’s quite a gripping novel about how crazy people can get when completely motivated by money or love or power.

Worth a read. But be ready to get consumed by it for a few hours.

“novel” approach to publishing a Novel…

I think this is a really interesting way to publish / tell a story.

Written by screenwriter Victor Levin, “Sent” is a story emailed daily to your inbox!

It all started on Feb 27th (2010), today it only takes a short time to get up to date and then you can subscribe to get the rest of it.

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