August 23, 2017

The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obrecht

The Tiger's WifeTea Obrecht recently won the Orange Prize for Fiction with her debut novel The Tiger’s Wife, which I’ve just read for my book club.

What an intriguing book, I’m still not sure what to describe it as. It really dwells on death, and superstition. And flits between different times a lot. But yet it’s all marvellously tied together.

Awesome opening, remembering her grandad and then off on a mercy mission to deliver medicine to children across the boarder. Just before they cross the border hears her grandfather has died, and she was the only one who new he was very ill.

The 2 recurring stories throughout the book are The Deathless Man, and The Tiger’s Wife. And we journey from her grandad’s childhood to her own childhood during the war, then on to the real present, then forward to when she’s worked everything out.

I’m making it sound confusing – but it isn’t, it’s just very hard to explain.

I did enjoy the book, but it didn’t grip me, and I’m not sure I’d recommend it to my friends.

But it certainly leaves you with plenty to think on.

Congratulations to Tea Obreht for winning the Orange Prize 2011

As announced last night – congratulations to Tea Obreht on winning the Orange Prize for Fiction 2001 with her book The Tiger’s Wife.

More details of this year’s award are here.