August 23, 2017

Look at Me by Jennifer Egan

By accident I’ve ended up reading 2 books on the trot that cover terrorists entering the USA. After Pygmy I’ve been reading Look at Me by Jennifer Egan.

In Look at Me we follow 4 people and their lives around the town of Rockford, Illinois. One of those is an under cover terrorist of some sort, who remains a mystery right through the book – to be honest I’m not entirely sure of his role within the story. The main character is Charlotte, a model who has a horrific car crash leading to her face having to be re-built ending her career. We then explore the meaning of fame, looks, and more.

It’s an interesting read, but a bit meandering for me.

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer EganFINALLY a book club choice that was on my Reading List! AND A Visit from the Goon Squad won the Pulitzer in 2011 – so quite current too.

A fascinating book. We start with Sasha and Bennie, Sasha working as Bennie’s PA in a record company in New York. Then the book jumps backwards through key eras in each of their lives, and before they existed. Then it jumps into the future as well.

A really interesting way to tell a life story – very intertwined, there’s no real point┬áto the activity – no great climax. The narrative style changes frequently too – so it always takes a little time to get your head into gear with each new chapter.

My favourite chapter was towards the end of the book – where we read the “slide-diary” of a child, literally a series of powerpoints. Having read it on the Kindle, I had NO IDEA this was coming up – which enhanced the effect.

The future part makes some interesting judgements about the future of communication and music – one to ponder on!