August 21, 2017

False Impression by Jeffrey Archer

False Impression is not my favourite Jeffrey Archer novel, but it’s still a good read.

A nice investigation into how a big event such as 9/11 can create interesting opportunities for those who see it.

This is an art world, round the world, mystery thriller chase – worth a read.

False Impression by Jeffrey Archer

False Impressionfalse impression is not the best of Archer’s books, but is very good none the less.

It covers the world of corrupt finance, art deals, and the fall of the iron curtain. A fair bit to fit into just 450 pages.

Oh, and we visit Hong Kong, New York (during Sept 11), Tokyo and rural England too!

Essentaily there’s an ex-Romanian heavy running a bank in New York that loans needy rich people against their great artworks. Then via less than legal means gets to keep the artworks whilst destroying the lives of their customers.

It’s a rollercoaster (like all Archer books), but neither the intrigue or the romance are up the standard of his earlier books – so this is no As the Crow Flies.