August 23, 2017

Reheated Cabbage by Irvine Welsh

Reheated Cabbage Reheated Cabbage is a collection of short stories by Irvine Welsh. Almost have previously appeared somewhere else, but there is also the original and new novella I Am Miami.

The book opens with Fault on the Line a sick but fascinating and very short tale about love and football. Then we have Catholic Guilt which will leave your skin crawling – there’s several twists here. Elspeth’s Boyfriend allows us to spend Christmas with Begbie, and Kiss and Make Up provides even more disturbing tales from dregs of society.

Then we get into 3 longer tales. The State of the Party is a night out that goes wrong in lots of ways – but not violently so, this one will leave you pondering. The Roswell Incident will leave you pondering even more – and yes it does include aliens and Scotland! Finally I Am Miami I thought was the weakest of the collection, but a heartwarming (no really) story.


Crime by Irvine Welsh

Crime is the tale of a Scottish detective (Ray Lennox) who’s running away from / trying to recover after a very challenging case tracking down a paedophile.

He’s also recently got engaged, and is battling with that and drug and alcohol addiction too!

Crime Irvine Welsh

Even though Crime is packed with Irvine Welsh story lines, its much less gripping than many of his other works. I was slightly disappointed by it. Despite Welsh using one the literary tactics he’s great at – parrallel universes. During the story we uncover several different stories:

  • What happened in the case of Mr. Confectioner back in Scotland
  • What’s happening real-time in Miami (where he gets involved in another child-sex case)
  • The demons from the distant past that are the cause of all his problems

In the end it’s kinda clear that Welsh has tried to write a detective-wrong-sides-of-the-tracks page turner – a la Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books – but he’s just not got it right.