August 23, 2017

The Book of Revelation by Rupert Thompson

The Book of Revelation explores a very untalked about crime of abuse – female on male rape.

Our victim, the narrator of the story, is a professional ballet dancer and choreographer living in Amsterdam who is abducted by 3 hooded figures as he goes to buy his girlfriend some cigarettes.

The Book of Revelation by Rupert ThomsonThat all happens in the first 6 pages, the rest of the novel is the next 2 weeks whilst he (forever unnamed) is held in a warehouse and systematically abused by his 3 female captors. The main angle of the story is how he tries to cope with the abuse by keeping his mind elsewhere – very tellingly the only text on the back of my copy reads: “I had never told anyone the truth, and I didn’t want to tell it now”.

It is a fascinating and gripping read. And one I’d recommend to anyone.


Nightlife by Thomas Perry

Really interesting story – quite a different line for the thriller novel. But it fails to live up the quote on the front “It’s scary” – it isn’t, and the suspence fails to build.

Put it this way I was 20 pages from the end and I managed to put it down.

It also ends in a really oh-shit-i-need-to-finish-and-i-promised-i-wouldn’t-use-more-than-300-pages-and-i’ve-already-used-400 way.

Great great concept, would make a very powerful film. The book just doesn’t do justice to the plot.