August 23, 2017

Divorcing Jack by Bateman

divorcing jackYup, I reading yet another Bateman – I think it’s down to the covers being easy to spot in charity shops. This time it’s Divorcing Jack, the first in the Dan Starkey series.

Set in Belfast when a journalist (Dan Starkey), gets tied up in a very thick conspiracy case and destroys his own marriage in the process. It’s highly political and very fast moving.

A good read, and full of some cool twists and turns.

Orpheus Rising by Bateman

Orpheus RisingThis is the second of Bateman’s books I’ve read (the first was I Predict A Riot) and this one isn’t quite as good.

Orpheus Rising is a much more thoughtful book, and although I did skim a few pages in the middle, it was well worth getting to the end. Simply because the premise of the story is so fascinating.

The hero of the book is Michael, a millionaire reclusive (aka lost) author. His book Space Coast was written and launched before his wife was murdered in a bank robbery. After that he spend the next decade roaming the world. In Orpheus Rising we catch up with him just before the 10 year anniversary of the bank robbery, which his old home town of Brevard is chosing to commemorate with a dinner and garden opening. Michael doesn’t want to go, but gets persuaded into it.

Once there all kind of odd things happen, and it gets a bit sci-fi and a bit thriller, and it’s also a love story, and a murder mystery crime thriller.

Yet again a Bateman book that refuses to be pigeon holed!

So, I’m glad I read it, but I’m not convinced I’ll recomend it to anyone else (it’s probably on the way to charity shop). But I would certainly recommend to read something by Bateman.

I Predict a Riot by Colin Bateman

Brilliant book – really twists and turns, and each chapter is so short you just seem to keep reading it (very hard to say “I’ll get to the end of this chapter and stop” as the next one’s only about 5 pages).

A complex and confusing storyline (that’s all the better for the confusion), and which leads to all the main characters getting the life they deserve.

Again not one I’d really class as a murder mystery, although technically it is.

Also a very interesting reminder that the troubles in Northern Ireland are still having an impact today.