August 23, 2017

Babylon Revisited by F. Scott Fitzgerald

I got this Penguin Mini Modern Classic free in the Telegraph a few weeks ago.

babylon revisited by f scott fitzgeraldI love the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald so I was really pleased to get this copy of Babylon Revisited. It contains 3 of Fitzgerald’s short stories:

  • Babylon Revisited
  • The Cut-Glass Bowl
  • The Lost Decade

Each was originally published in different collections, but they’ve been printed in this format before. And it’s easy to read any of them in one sitting.


Babylon Revisited is the first story in the book. It tells the story of Charlie Wales who’s revisiting Paris to try and get his daughter back – she’s currently living under the guardianship of her mother’s sister.

It seems that everything went a bit crazy for Charlie when he lived in Paris, and during the depression. He’s now living in Prague and has sorted himself out, but unfortunately Paris isn’t a place he should be spending much time.

It’s really well written and VERY intriguing.

The second tale is The Cut-Glass Bowl which opens by telling the reader all about the “cut-glass age” (in comparison with the bronze age, or iron age) fantastic irony.

The story hinges on the lives and loves of Howard and Evylyn Piper. Fairly normal disfunctional lives, then it takes a dark twist (as many of his short stories do).

Finally, The Lost Decade, only a few pages long. About a man meeting a man for lunch who’s lost the last decade. But not lost it. – Pretty good.

Free Books in the @Telegraph this weekend

To publicise the Penguin Mini Modern Classics series there are going to be 2 free books in this weekend’s Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.

babylon revisited by f scott fitzgeraldToday (Saturday 5th February 2011) there is a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Babylon Revisited. Contains 3 of Fitzgerald’s short stories:

  • Babylon Revisited
  • The Cut-Glass Bowl
  • The Lost Decade

And tomorrow (Sunday 6th February 2011) will be Henry James’ The Beast in the Jungle.