August 23, 2017

Top 10 Book Review Blogs

These are my favourite 10 book blogs.

That’s the favourite 10 book review blogs right now as I type – I reserve the right to change my mind later!!

(and they’re in no particular order)

  • The Contemporary Reader
    I like the selection of books, and the pure enjoyment that comes through in the posts
  • Becky’s Book Reviews
    soooo many books covered. I just wish I had the time for the 52 books in a year challenge, but I might just try the 100 books challenge
  • 26 Books
    I like this because the selection of books is SO eclectic. That’s because it’s not just one person’s blog. The blog is the result of several people all trying to read 26 books per year.
  • Musings of an all purpose monkey
    I do like a little bit of crime writing, and that’s the main focus of Elizabeth A White’s blog
  • The Book Bag
    If you can’t the book you’re wondering about reviewed here…
  • BookLore
    Then you’ll almost certianly find it reviewed here
  • Telegraph Book Page
    Lots of information on what’s new and happening in the world of publishing
  • 7 books
    Reviews of 7 books on each of many diverse subjects
  • 5 Books
    A daily update from an expert in a field on the 5 best books in that area. Run by The Browser
  • Lazy Readers
    Appalling design – but a great idea. Only features books under 250 pages.