August 23, 2017

A. M. Homes

A. M. Homes is an American author whose work generally pulls off the veneer of perfection of suburban American Life – imagine Cougar Town or Malcolm in the Middle – but much much darker!


  • Jack (novel, 1989)
  • The Safety of Objects (short stories, 1990)
  • In a Country of Mothers (novel, 1993)review
  • The End of Alice (novel, 1996)review
  • Appendix A: an elaboration on the novel The End of Alice (novel, 1996)
  • Music for Torching (novel, 1999)review
  • Things You Should Know (short stories, 2002)
  • Los Angeles: People, Places, and the Castle on the Hill (non-fiction, 2002)
  • This Book Will Save Your Life (novel, 2006) – review coming
  • The Mistress’s Daughter (non-fiction, 2007)
  • On the Street 1980-1990 by Amy Arbus, Introduction by Homes (non-fiction)

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