July 28, 2017

A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon

a spot of botherA Spot of Bother is told from the perspective of mum, dad, son and daughter in the leadup to daughter getting married to someone none of them think she should marry. We learn about all their personal issues, and the dysfunctionality of their family.

I like that it’s written in very bite-sized chunks, each chapter is only a couple of pages, and is told from the perspective of one of the family members. But I found it very hard to get into.

So I skipped a few pages.

Also, the end was pretty unsatisfying. It didn’t really feel like it resolved and a few things didn’t really fit right for the characters. Felt like more of a snapshot into a ridiculous period in a family’s life that’s pushed to be resolved before page x.

I don’t suggest you bother reading it.

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