July 28, 2017

JPod by Douglas Coupland

Can’tjpod believe how long it’s been since I’ve read a Douglas Coupland, so it’s a great pleasure to pick up JPod.

What a book – another brilliant glimpse of the lives of the coders. JPod is set in a computer games design company and focuses on the 6 people randomly allocated to sit together in the “jpod” – the group of desks which only people whose surnames begin with J end up sitting in.

Lots of crazy stuff happens, including a couple of appearances by Coupland himself, dead drug dealers, and viral karoke videos.

The layout is pretty cool too. Within the story are a number of random lists of things and numbers – breaks up the story and the pace in a very interesting way.

I really enjoyed reading this one, not a hunger-games-espe page turner, but still pretty un-put-down-able.

Another Coupland classic

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