July 22, 2017

The Levelling Sea by Philip Marsden

I found reading the Levelling Sethe levelling seaa quite fascinating. Not least because I am really interested in Cornish History, and grew up just across the river from Falmouth not far from the home where Marsden starts the book.

I had no idea that Falmouth was such a young port, weirdly the castle at Pendennis pre-dates the town it dominates. There were lots of such surprises in the history of Falmouth, and the Cornish maritime history too.

I preferred the start of the book to the end, as for the few sections Marsden focuses the story on a particular family, or group of people. This made it much easier to follow and brought real life to proceedings. The latter parts lack this transitory cohesion.

If you like Cornwall, and social history – get this, it will be a great addition to your library.

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