July 28, 2017

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games)

Catching Firecatching fire is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy. (Warning – if you’ve not read the first book, don’t read this review – go and read my review of book one).

After the trials of the Hunger Games Katnis and Peeta are back in District 12, trying to live a normal life in the Victors Village. Then it’s time for the victory parade around Panem, and all the chaos kicks off once more. Their performance in the Hunger Games had a bigger impact that anyone realised, and seems to have kicked off a lot of unrest. One thing leads to another (I don’t want to give too much away!) and the whole book ends on a serious cliffhanger.

(so much of a cliffhanger that I’ve gone and started book 3 before writing this review – so apologies if it’s a bit disjointed, I’m trying to keep the 2 stories seperate).

Catching Fire is as thrilling a read as The Hunger Games. I finished it under 24 hours – cue serious loss of sleep – but it was well worth it. It’s pacey, there are lots of twists and turns – if you thought the Games were devious in the first book, you’ve seen nothing yet.

This is a series for anyone who likes pacey, fast books – a great read.

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