July 28, 2017

Warhorses of Letters by Robbie Hudson & Marie Phillips

warhorses of lettersI was one of those who supported the publication of this book via Unbound. It’s nice to be reviewing something I had a hand in creating! (in a very little way!!).

This is the book of the radio series. The series was on Radio 4 this year, and I wish I’d caught it.

Warhorses of Letters is a series of letters between horses in the 1800s. It’s highly intellectual, and very very funny. (The radio show would be well worth digging out).

The 2 main horses are Copenhagen, an English racehorse, and Marengo Napolean’s horse (well, technically a pony). These 2 horses and gay, and quite frisky! As well as the horses letters we have the finding of the letters in the story too – and that’s almost as amusing as the horses.

Well worth a read!

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