July 22, 2017

Pharmacology by Christopher Herz

PharmacologyI bought Pharmacology when Amazon has it as a £1 Kindle download. I’m glad I didn’t pay more than that.

It’s about a girl who come from a poor background, her dad’s got Cancer and to try and help him afford the medical bills she goes off to San Franciso to get a job rather than go to university. The book is the story of all that happens to her until she returns home at the end.

There were several points where I’d have happily stopped reading, but felt some compulsion to find out how it ended.

I did flick through to the last few pages – and they made me cry. So there is some powerful writing in the story.

In face the story is powerful on a number of levels, it’s just not written as strongly as it could have been.

I wouldn’t recommend it.


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