July 22, 2017

Mr Verdant Green by Cuthbert Bede

Mr Verdant Green I’m reading partly on Kindle, and partly in book form… 

Basically I started reading it whilst I was moving house – having packed all my books away I downloaded the free Kindle version.

This edition combines all 3 books of the Verdant Green trilogy:

  • The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green
  • The Further Adventures of Mr Verdant Green
  • Mr Verdant Green: Married and Done For

Written in the 1850s and published in 3 short parts for reading on trains. They tell the story of Mr Verdant Green and his experiences as an Oxford Freshman, the 3rd part being mainly set in the North on a visit to friends.

The first two books are much more enjoyable than the third. Very amusing, with several moments / wind-ups that anyone who’s been new to a group or situation will get. Anyone who knows Oxford will also find working where they are and what they’re up to rather fun too.

The third book reads a bit more like a Bronte or an Austen – and it’s as amusing as the first 2, but the scene with the bull is rather funny.

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