July 22, 2017

One Day by David Nicholls

I’m going to brutally honest here and admit that if one my colleagues hadn’t offered me this book for free I would have never chosen to read it.

One DayAnd that would have been an error. (I should also mention I have not seen the film).

It is one of, possibly the only book, that has ever made me laugh out loud AND cry. Such a perfect reproduction of the reality of being in love and in lust and everything else that goes with it. I would highly recommend anyone to read it.

One Day is the story of 2 people, Emma and Dexter, who meet at uni on St Swithens Day. Each chapter of the book is a snapshot of their lives on the anniversary of that day – so we join them when they wake up (or haven’t yet gone to bed) and follow them until they fall asleep, or midnight. It’s a real tale of modern life – anyone in their 20s, 30s, 40s will immediately relate to lots of the scenarios in the book, and David Nicholls has written it brilliantly.

I’ve already mentioned that the book made me both laugh and cry, it also massively frustrated me, and gripped me too. Just like someone you love over a period of years! Go and buy it and read it now – it’s very worthwhile.


  1. I just adored this novel too. For that reason I was hesitant to watch the movie, here’s my verdict:

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