July 28, 2017

Reheated Cabbage by Irvine Welsh

Reheated Cabbage Reheated Cabbage is a collection of short stories by Irvine Welsh. Almost have previously appeared somewhere else, but there is also the original and new novella I Am Miami.

The book opens with Fault on the Line a sick but fascinating and very short tale about love and football. Then we have Catholic Guilt which will leave your skin crawling – there’s several twists here. Elspeth’s Boyfriend allows us to spend Christmas with Begbie, and Kiss and Make Up provides even more disturbing tales from dregs of society.

Then we get into 3 longer tales. The State of the Party is a night out that goes wrong in lots of ways – but not violently so, this one will leave you pondering. The Roswell Incident will leave you pondering even more – and yes it does include aliens and Scotland! Finally I Am Miami I thought was the weakest of the collection, but a heartwarming (no really) story.


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