July 22, 2017

Difficulties with Girls by Kingsley Amis

Difficulties with GirlsAfter starting this one, I discovered it was a sequel to Take a Girl Like You. Ah well, I’ve started so I’ll finish.

In Difficulties with Girls, Kingsley Amis tells us about the lives of married couple Patrick and Jennie. The book is set not long after they’ve moved to London and Patrick’s become a publisher. They live in a set of flats filled with some normal but odd people, the closet gay couple (the book is set as the legislation goes through), the OBE who beats his wife, the newly weds, and a mystery man called Tim.

The book is about how different relationships work, the challenges, the issues and tribulations. Patrick and Jennie have plenty of problems of their own – mostly revolving around not getting what the other wants. Their issues are set against a backdrop of everyone elses – the man who’s bored of his wife/life, the violent arguments but who still end up back together.

It’s a great read, and in places crushingly funny.

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