July 22, 2017

The Father of Locks by Andrew Killeen

The Father of LocksI thoroughly enjoyed reading The Father of Locks. It’s a fascinating book written rather like ‘The Thousand and One Nights’, so we have the central tale, but frequently each character breaks off to tell a tale.

It’s set in the early days of Baghdad – the “Golden Age”, and we follow 2 poets/ spies as they try to unravel the mystery of the missing children whilst avoiding getting on the wrong side of the rulers.

Our narrator is a white-skinned boy adopted by the arabs – Ismail al-Raurya, the Teller of Tales – he gets caught trying to steal a manuscript and ends up apprenticed to the most famous poet in the realm (and also the best spy).

Great characters and a great twisting story. A very enjoyable read.

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