July 28, 2017

Other People’s Money by Justin Cartwright

Other People's Money by Justin CartwrightMarch’s bookclub choice. A great story, of the challenges a family-run bank faces when the economic collapse happens. The youngsters followed the hedge fund band-wagon whilst the oldies preached (correctly?) conservatism.

It’s an interesting angle to come at the crisis from, but it’s not really a book about the crisis. More about how a complex, and very rich family operates. With a few sidelines into the power of the press vs the power of money.

It was an enjoyable read, but much of it didn’t quite hang together. I kept thinking the novel was set in the past, not in the present day – at times it feels 70s or 80s or 90s. For example the editor of the newspaper talks about these new-fangled blogs. The other area that really didn’t ring true was the Cornish side of it, some attempt was made to create Cornish surnames but they were fudged, and the street names were wrong, it wouldn’t have been hard to make it more┬ábelievable. Finally, it all comes together far too perfectly at the end – almost like he couldn’t work out how to end it, so just went for the fairy tale version.

But complaints aside, I did enjoy the read.

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