July 22, 2017

Turn of the Century by Kurt Andersen

Turn of the CenturyLast year Turn of the Century twice made it as far as my bedside table, but I never quite got to page 1. I’ve now finally got past that point!

It’s the story of husband and wife Lizzie and George who are a New York power couple. She runs a cutting edge software firm, and he produces some of the hottest shows on TV. It’s a tale of the pressures of modern life, dealing with death, kids, envy of your spouse, the chaos of a life straddling New York, LA, Seattle etc.

There are some great characters, some real cartoons of people and the premise is great. BUT at over 600 pages it’s 200 pages too long. There is far too much description – why illustrate a point with one example when 20 will do.

The book takes us from NYE 1999 through 2000 to NYE again. They have one hell of a year. And some of what happens seems pretty implausible, whilst rest is believable but not dull. I have enjoyed reading it, but would have appreciated it being markedly shorter.


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