July 28, 2017

i play the drums in a band called okay by Toby Litt

i play the drums in a band called okayi play the drums in a band called okay (the italics and lowercase okay are v important).

This is my first review of 2012! And a book from my backlog too (which makes it a pretty good start to the year).

This is a fake rock band drummer autobiography. So the style is not hugely flowing – a results of too many drugs addling the brain I guess! But the style fits perfectly with the genre. Clap (the drummer) takes us through the whole history of the band – from forming and getting signed, through the chaos of success, drugs, religion, and selling out.

It’s a great exploration of how your average human responds to life in a successful rock band – the money, the freedom, the restrictions. One of the band turns to drink, another to hedonism and girls, one to fishing (no seriously), and Clap to love (or children, or buddism!).

It’s a great story, and a good read. Easy to pick up and put down as each chapter is quite a different story – a different window in on the band’s existence, almost a collection of short stories on the same topic.

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