July 22, 2017

Solar by Ian McEwan

Solar by Ian McEwanThe immediate subject of Ian McEwan’s Solar is climate change and renewable energy. But really it’s about the perseverance (or inability to change) of a man trying to navigate through our modern world.

Michael Beard is our focus, a nobel-prize winning physicist who at the start of the story is with his 5th wife Patrice. He struggles with eating too much, drinking too much, cheating (with women) too much, and the world not quite bending to his will at all times!

He’s something of a Peter Pan figure.

The book is in 3 parts, each seperated by a few years in the naughties. But during those 3 parts we also learn of his childhood, earlier marriages – everything that’s created the Michael Beard of now.

The story itself focuses first on the winding down of his 3rd marriage and his active-retirement as the figurehead of a new science scheme. Then some really serious stuff happens and we jump forward to him with a new lease of life on a second career defining project.

It was an interesting read, not sure I’ll read it again (it’s one that’s off to the charity shop) but worth a read once.

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