July 22, 2017

Raging Bull by Phil Vickery (rugby legend)

Before I write this review I have a minor confession to make. I’m Cornish, and I really like rugby. So this is likely to be biased.Phil Vickery Raging Bull

Phil Vickery (recently crowned 2011 Celebrity Masterchef) has put together a very honest and straightforward look back over his career to date in Raging Bull.

Raging Bull takes us from Phil’s childhood in Bude through playing for Bude and Redruth, then on to Gloucester, England, the Lions. So we’ve got the whole story. It ends before his retirement, but he does talk about that too.

The whole thing is written from such a pragmatic and fair point of view, you could be forgiven for forgetting that the subject matter includes some of the greatest rugby achievements, and some quite horrendous surgery!

I’d recommend this to anyone who likes rugby – it reminds you that rugby is still rugby, despite the handful of prima-donna backs!

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