July 28, 2017

The Legend of Sander Grant by Marc Philips

I picked up this book on a £1 clearance table in the local bookshop – and it was definately worth it!

The Legend of Sander Grant

It’s a really interesting take of religion, farming, and family. (no really!).

As we follow the life of Sander Grant – a giant (10 foot) rancher in America. He’s from a long line of giants – which get traced back to the heavens. (I don’t want to say too much or I’ll give it all away!).

Sander is a bright young rancher, who soon brings some great ideas to the ranch to really bring it into the 21st Century. He’s a very talented painter. But the real core of the story is the struggle with God, and in the heavens and how that’s dealt with by an average (but over 10′ tall) family of giants.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Legend of Sander Grant. I know it doesn’t get deeply into any of it’s subjects – but it’s a great read. With a strong story at its heart.


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