July 22, 2017

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

There was lots of hype last year (2010) about Franzen’s new novel “Freedom“. Having just finished trying to read it, I don’t agree.

FreedomI got as far as p. 420 of 562. And I think that was only because I was on a long train journey with nothing better to read (and I was flicking through).

The reason I don’t rate is it that most the characters aren’t compelling enough, the story DRAGGGGGS too much, and (to be honest) a lot of the storylines don’t quite add up.

The book is essentially the life story of Patty. We follow her (going forwards and backwards) and the key people in her life (her husband Walter, fantasy Richard, and children Joey and Jessica) over the decades as they all try to make sense of life, and live up to / make the most of what society expects of them.

I did rather like the Patty – Richard storyline as it twists and turns, and to me it’s what seemed to hold the story together. But I found Jessica broadly pointless, Walter quite boring, and Joey just annoying.

Can’t say I recommend this one to anyone.

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