July 22, 2017

The Pornographer of Vienna by Lewis Crofts

The Pornographer of ViennaThe Pornographer of Vienna is an account of the life of Egon Schiele the artist.

It starts right at the beginning with his parents honeymoon, and goes right through the ups and downs of his life, until his funeral. He was a fascinating man, best friends with Klimt, jailed as a pornographer, beaten by his syphilitic father.

The author clearly loves his subject, and tries to tell the story as Schiele lived his life – so it’s broken into chapters – but it still jumps around a lot. There are some very short sections. During the early time he’s in Vienna it’s fascinating to learn how the art world worked back then. And then there’s a section where the emotions of abortion are brilliantly explored – going into both the jealousy and the love.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one - definitely not going to be sent to the charity shop!

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