July 28, 2017

Muddied Oafs by Richard Beard

In Muddied Oafs Richard Beard (as a 30 year old) decides to go back and play a  match with each of his old rugby teams.

Muddied Oafs The Soul of Rugby

There’s a chapter on his experiences with each team, and each starts with a nice little rugby quote too. Thankfully he’s played for a range of interesting teams, and in interesting places. And the book goes through school, Cambridge, all of the UK and Europe – and as far off as Tokyo.

So on the surface its a man having a midi-life crisis who re-visits his past and love for rugby.

But really (and this partly down to the timing of the book) it’s a statement on the state of rugby now that it’s gone professional. So the type of rugby he is playing is a LONG way from the professional version of the game.

Which in some ways almost makes it read like a wistful look back at an “England” that is disappearing into the past.

It’s an enjoyable read – but if you’re not at all into rugby I wouldn’t bother.

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