July 28, 2017

Girl, 20 by Kingsley Amis

If you’ve read much of this blog you’ll know I’m a big Martin Amis fan. So I’m having a go at some his Dad’s work too. A long time ago I did read Lucky Jim, and enjoyed that. So now I’m trying Girl, 20.Girl, 20

Our narrator is Douglas Yandell a musician who reviews classic works and is a journalist. He ends up back in contact with his old friend Sir Roy Vandervane – a famous violinist, conductor and composer. Sir Roy embraces the idea of “Girl, 20″ which is how over the years male lust goes for the more and more unobtainable, because what was great last year is now commonplace.

Sir Roy is currently married to Kitty (Lady Vandervane) who’s aware of her husband’s latest fling (she was a bit on the side before she became Mrs) and wants Douglas’ help. Sir Roy also wants Douglas’ help. And it all gets very involved, rather amusing, and at times quite exciting.

I rather enjoyed reading the book, although it did seem to take a lot of getting through – I’ve written in my notes “page 70 and we still seem to be scene setting”. But it does very much speed up towards the end.

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