August 23, 2017

In a Country of Mothers by A. M. Homes

Any book that starts with a quote from The Who – especially one from Substitute – has to be good.In a Country of Mothers by A. M. Homes

And thankfully In a Country of Mothers it is. Again A. M. Homes takes us deep into suburban America, and rips it’s structure apart.

We explores the worlds of Claire Roth and Jody Goodman. Claire is a happily, perfectly married with kids who works as a psychotherapist. Jody Goodman is a teenage girl who heads off to UCLA and becomes Claire’s patient.

The story is really the tale of how Claire and Jody’s relationship evolves and the impact that has on everything else. Some might describe it as a psychological thriller.

A fascinating tale that leaves you re-evaluating everything around you. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I don’t think it’s A. M. Homes’s best.

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