July 28, 2017

A Prisoner of Birth by Jefferey Archer

I’ve always enjoyed a great story, so in the past I’ve read many Jefferey Archer novels. But I think this is the first one since the prison period.A Prisoner of Birth by Jefferey Archer

A Prisoner of Birth is a chunky book – perfect for a holiday. I’ve managed to read the whole 616 pages in just 3 days! So much for catching up on some sleep!!

It is a vintage Archer. Reminded me of As the Crow Flies because we see something of a whole life-span, and there’s lots of London based networking and property deals. And of course – vendettas and rivalries.

A Prisoner of Birth is the story of those who witnessed the death (murder) of Bernie Wilson. The main character is Danny Cartwright, an east-end garage mechanic and sweet heart of Bernie’s sister Beth. Danny ends up in Belmarsh after being wrongly convicted of the murder.

Once all that is covered to set the scene the book then tells of Danny’s search for justice. Not a journey you’d anticipate but a great tale.

A throroughly enjoyable read.

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