August 23, 2017

The End of Alice by A. M. Homes

The End of Alice is possibly one of the most disturbing books I’ve read. But it’s not obviously disturbing – it just creeps up on you.The End of Alice by A. M. Homes

The book explores paedophilia, narrated by a paedophile child-killer who’s in his 23rd year in prison it’s structured as a series of letter between him and his admirer – a 19 year old woman not in prison who wants to seduce a young local boy. As more is revealed about the two of them, the more disturbing it all becomes.

There’s not much more I can say without giving away some of the story.

But it’s a fantastic novel – that really makes you think.

And if you read it and want to know more – you should also read her Appendix A.

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