July 22, 2017

A Fractured Mind by Robert B. Oxnam

A Fractured MindA Fractured Mind is Robert B. Oxnam’s (very brave) explanation of his journey from discovering he had multiple personality disorder (MPD) to learning to live with his personalities as he merges them from 11 to just 3.

It is absolutely fascinating – and a very easy read too (which is surprising as it’s such a confusing subject). Amazing the ways the brain can protect us from traumas, and both how much and how little is known about curing dissociative identity disorder (the new phrase for MPD).

The book takes you from the moment he discovered a second personality through the discovery of the rest of the inhabitants of the castle (the building in his mind), to the battles to merge them.

I would warn you though that reading the book you will understand more about how your own brain works – and may start to convince yourself you also suffer! That’s simply because DID/MPD seems to be an extreme version of how “normal” people behave differently with different people.

At the end of the book Robert’s therapist Jeffery Smith explains more about the condition – which is a really useful guide after reading Robert Oxnam’s story.

I heartily recommend this book – because it’s a great read, really fascinating, and removes some of the fear or the unknown around such disorders.

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