July 28, 2017

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help by Kathryn StockettI’ve read this book because my bookclub chose it for February. Until now it has intrigued me – as it’s been in lots of offers and in sales in bookshops – but I don’t think I’d have read it if the bookclub hadn’t made me.

I’m so pleased it was chosen for this month.

A GREAT read. A real page turner, and really really easy to read. But Kathryn Stockett still manages to weave in a multitude of serious issues that really really get you thinking. There’s the obvious racism thread (the cover alone flags that one!), but also women’s independence, the South vs the rest of America, the challenges in outlook between different generations, young love, the bitchiness of women in general! You name it, it’s in here.

But it’s still an absolute pleasure to read.

You learn, you understand more by the time you’ve read it, but at no point is it hard going.

I can’t explain too much of the plot here as it will give too much away. What I can say is that it’s a story set in the early 1960s in a small town in Mississippi. The key characters are Aibileen (a maid), Millie (another maid) and Skeeter (a young white woman). Barring one chapter the whole book is told from their 3 perspectives.

The only downside – I don’t want to discuss it with the bookclub. I love the fact that you consume such serious material, but in an easy way. And I know we’ll end up going too deep.


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