July 28, 2017

Twelve Rooms with a View by Theresa Rebeck

What a book! The first book in months to keep me up until the early hours of the morning – and night after night as well.Twelve Rooms with a View

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone to appreciates stories about how people deal with each other in times of stress.

So much happens in the book that it’s hard to explain it without giving a lot away, but I’m going to do my best.

Essentially there are 3 sisters (Lucy, Alison and Tina Finn), 2 brothers (Pete and Doug Drinian), the most historic apartment in Manhattan, and ‘The Building’ (those who inhabit The Edge – most exclusive apartment building in Manhattan where the most historic apartment in Manhattan is located).

Tina Finn is our heroine, and probably the only consistently sane adult in the whole book (well there are a couple of others but that might spoil the book). Which is impressive considering the ridiculous things she does.

It’s a tale of 2 families arguing over a will, and basically who gets the apartment. There are 100s of twists and turns, and lots of characters, although Theresa Rebeck makes it no problem at all to keep track of who’s who. And nor does she get bogged down in the legal side of it all – it really is a story about human connections and relationships.

AND it ends very satisfyingly.

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