July 28, 2017

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange BookI first read A Clockwork Orange when I was a teenager – and loved it. Having recently re-read it, my point of view hasn’t changed.

Not least because I love books that are in a funny language (like a lot of Irvine Welsh’s work).

It’s a story that you can both enjoy as it is, or find yourself pondering about the deeper meanings.
Not least the similarities of the meddling of the state and the renegades. How 2 groups who are so different are yet both willing to abuse Alex to their own ends. Through torture and holding him up as an example of how their beliefs are the right ones. And that when left to his own devices Alex is capable of being his own man.

The area I also find fascinating is how all players in the book fail to understand any of the consequences of their own actions.

This a book should read at least once – and probably before you see the film. It’s better than the film, and I’m glad I read it first.

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