July 28, 2017

Number9dream by David Mitchell

I’d never really considered reading anything by David Mitchell until it was suggested at my book club. I’m glad it was.

number9dream is his 2nd book, and was shortlisted for the James Tait Black memorial Prize AND the Booker. And it’s worth it!

I’m glad this was recommended to me – it’s a great and very fast paced book. With lots of great twists and turns and wonderfully interwoven plot line.

It’s set in Japan, mainly in Tokyo. Our hero Miyake travels to Tokyo to try to find his father – running from the ghost of his dead twin sister, and his mess of a missing mother.
There’s many twists and turns running through the Tokyo underground to nightclubs in the heavens. And a terrible game of bowls.
I can’t say too much or it will spoil the journey!

Really hard to put down, and a great journey. I heartily recommend it.

Number9dream by David Mitchell


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