July 28, 2017

Bang Crunch by Neil Smith

Bang Crunch is a bit of mixed book of short stories. The first story I really didn’t care much for – nearly gave up on the whole book. Overall – worth reading.

From there on in it is much better:

So that first short story… Isolettes. A weird journey through the emotions of a pair of best friends who try to have a baby through AI (artificial insemination).

There’s a very interesting exploration of teenage sexuality in Green Fluorescent Protein, I really want to know what happens next in this one.

B9ers is about a group trying to recover from the impact of having a benign tumour (interesting premise!). It delves into a bit of vigilante culture and explores whether human nature is any good these days or not!

The story Bang Crunch itself is a must for anyone who likes the documentaries that exploit strange medical conditions. (you just need to read it).

Scrapbook yet more adolescent meanderings… really interesting structure for a tale though -everything links back to part of a scrapbook.

In The Butterfly Box we explore the relationship of a daughter and her artist father. After his death as she looks back on them from a retrospective of his career.

Funny Weird or Funny Ha Ha? sees us visiting the mother of one of the teenagers in Green Fluorescent Protein as she continues to overcome the death of her husband Carl, and avoid falling back into alcoholism.

Extremities is a story told by the foot of an astronaut that’s landed back on earth in a suburban garden – without the astronaut. The foot telling the story of some gloves… Really rather good – my description isn’t really worthy of the story.

Jaybird is about the trials and tribulations of an upcoming actor who falls for a lady who humiliates him and dissappears. Only for the humiliation to help him find a happier life.

Overall a series of very funny and bizarre takes on modern life – each one makes you think.

Bang Crunch by Neil Smith


  1. [...] So Help Me God is a seriously disturbing, yet really rather normal story. It’s about a young girl who marries the man her father disapproves of, then things go so wrong that doesn’t matter anymore (I can’t describe it much more than that without giving away the story). Much stronger opening story than that of Bang Crunch. [...]

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