July 28, 2017

Celebutantes by Ruthanne Hopper & Amanda Goldberg

I really really enjoyed reading this book (was up until 2am last night finishing it off!).

It’s really silly, and very light. But every once in a while I need to read something light and silly and this was a great book on that front. (by the end of the week it will have be lent to my Jilly Cooper friend for her enjoyment).

You do need to persevere through the very first chapter (it is really the penultimate in terms of timeline), and then you can follow Lola and her friends through a chaotic Oscar week that leads up to a night on which everything finally comes together (I don’t think I’m ruining the book by saying that – (i) because that’s the plot of every light chic lit book, and (ii) because it doesn’t come together exactly how you’d think).

I think point ii is one of the reason I enjoyed it – it’s not quite the ending you’re expecting but it’s a great ending none the less.


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